Tuesday, December 28, 2010

End of the Year Post

I sure hope everyone had a great 2010. There have been some definite ups and downs on my end, but 2011 is bound to be a better year.

So today I crafted a few things. Thought I would take pictures and show all you wizards so you can decide if you'd like them or not!

Here's my starfish. I was told by a friend that it was small, but this is NOT small. It's next to the mole spear and messy bookcase temporarily, and for size comparison. Ignore me and John Lifeglen looking at it. :P

Here are my bookcase (HUGE), diving helmet, and congo drum! (Sorry for the tree... no where else to put it.)

And those are most of my new creations! I also made the little crab shell house, but I couldn't get a good enough angle for a picture I liked. :P

I'm in the process of making three more items. Will post when I finish them. :D

Happy Wizarding!
<3 Cassie

Monday, December 13, 2010

Slightly Ashamed

These past few weeks have not been too great for the Wizard101 community. Rumors flying everywhere, people quitting and then coming back, and friends of mine who are contemplating erasing themselves and starting over.

I seriously can't take this anymore.

It's hard enough watching my best in-game friend go through what he's experiencing right now, but along with that, I'm caught in the middle of the battlefield. Fortunately for me, my connections with either side don't care that I'm on both sides. It's so difficult to listen to some of the things that are said and read some of these posts about how people are feeling and how they can't deal with everything anymore.

Let's get one thing straight.


We're all here for the same purpose (Is this deja vu? *See previous post*), and that is to have fun, build a wizard to our liking, win battles, get housing items, craft, PVP, and most recent, create a wonderful garden. To see people get in ridiculous arguments is just heartbreaking. No one was asking for trouble.

Can't we all just get along?

<3 Cassie

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Word from Cassie about "Popularity"

As we all know, there are many people who blog about W101. There are even some people who have podcasts, other websites related to W101 and official blogs. What really irritates me is how much of a big deal popularity is in this world. For example, (and I'm not doing this to put anyone down or single people out) at many parties I've attended, some of the big names (i.e., Friendly, Leesha, Stephen, KBB...) have been in attendance. The people throwing the parties ABSOLUTELY INSIST on roping these special guests off so "the mobs won't get them."

Seriously, guys?

As much as I'm sure they appreciate not having 50 other wizards crowded around them at one time, we all have a chat window where we can call out their names and ask them questions, and once they type something, we can even click on their name and ask to be their friend (if their list permits).

Most of these "famous" wizards have expressed their belief that they're not really famous, they just do things for the community because they love W101. Even I was on an episode of Ravenwood Radio (for Fire School Study Hall). So why not treat them like normal players? Sure, they've each given us something remarkable to turn to in times of confusion or boredom, but they're just like you and me. We're all normal wizards just looking to battle our way through the Spiral to discover all the wonders KI has given us.

Thanks to all who read this post. It may not be that big of a deal, but I know of some people who let the "popularity" get to their heads, even if they don't realize it themselves.

Best Wishes,
<3 Cassie

New Header~!

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted in... what... a month? Yeah... about that. >.> I've been very busy with school and various other things that I haven't found time or anything of importance to blog about.

I made a new header for the blog today. :) It's very much like the last one except I now have my Legendary gear on! Thanks to all those who helped me get my stuff. (You know who you are.)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Down Here in the Deep Blue Sea

As many of you know, Celestia came into the live realm earlier this week. I must say, I was surprised on how quickly it moved from test to live; I expected there to be more problems... but I suppose KI did take a long time making it top-notch for us before test realm. There are still a few glitches to account for, like not being able to collect the Zodiac Tome in the starfish room down in the Grotto, but that's only a minor thing, and after beating more of CL, going back will be a piece of cake.

Contrary to my original beliefs, CL is anything BUT a piece of cake. I didn't do anything with CL in the test realm because I was busy with school, but I was hearing great things, and that it was difficult. I didn't expect it to be as difficult as I soon discovered though.

When I first entered the survey camp and saw all those fire crabs, my spirits went down the drain. Even with my prisms, those fire monsters were not easy to beat. Along with the difficulty, I couldn't seem to get the items needed from the crabs within a reasonable amount of time. I guess it's all luck, but still... COME ON. It was a little bit beyond frustrating. I did get through the first part of CL today though, and am now on the Floating Island battling more monsters.

Celestia definitely exceeds my expectations in more ways than one. The world itself looks awesome, the monsters are new and unique to this world, and they're not just an elemental or spiritual denomination... they can also be one of the new three schools! That makes it a little more interesting, since you don't really know what they'll be attacking with.

All in all, I really do love this new world. It's great to be able to do quests and use the experience instead of it being useless.

Have fun ITS, Wizards!
<3 Cassie

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Few Thoughts Regarding Celestia

Because I am taking so many classes, I haven't really had time to get in the spiral and play much. However, when I saw CL was in the test realm, I just had to take a peek at what was in store for our wizards.

I will start off by saying the first glimpse you get of CL through the spiral door is pretty freaking cool. I took a picture for those who haven't seen CL at all.

That's obviously me on my crown sea turtle mount Swimmy who will soon disappear because this is test and not real life.

Seeing that picture of CL made me want to keep going. There were some worlds (ie, MS) that didn't really catch my interest in the beginning because you could tell exactly what was going on. CL, in this picture, looks like a sort of underwater castle... but with further exploration, you come to find there has been some destruction here, like all the other worlds we've seen. Structures have been demolished, leaving remains all around the camp.

Also, the Marlybonians are back to help us in questing around CL!

That's the engineer you speak with to start off your questing. Neat pants. Oh, and my crown seahorse Turq (like the color turquoise).

Unlike Wizard City, CL doesn't have school buildings with teachers who give you spells... they have these sort of statues that you click and the cards come up.

I thought we saw pictures of teachers of the moon, star, and sun schools? I'm starting to think those aren't the teachers, but bosses that specialize in each school. Yikes. Needless to say, I wasn't too enthused with the new cards. :\ I was hoping for a new arsenal of attacks, not spells like (sun) Keen Eyes, Accurate, and Monstrous. I will say I like the star spells, which give you a tower shield-type boost for 3 turns, or a blade-type boost for 3 turns (or so that's what it looks like). Now, the moon spells are sort of intriguing. They morph you into another creature for 6 rounds. That's actually pretty neat. I can't wait to see that in action.

Now for a very short rant.

WHY ARE ALL THE MONSTERS FIRE IN THE BEGINNING?! It's ridiculous. We're under water. Shouldn't they be storm? Or ice? Or even balance? But FIRE? C'mon, people.

K, done.

:) <3 Cassie

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend Posts and Updates

Hey there, wizards!

As some of you know, I am ridiculously busy with school work and have no time to play or post. It's the weekend, so I've decided I'll do weekend segments depending on what I've done the week before.

The Selena Gomez quest went live a little while ago, and I just completed it last night. The statue is a little awkward, since she's not really just standing, she's in the middle of dancing. The portrait is cool though, and they both reside in my Watchtower Hall.

When I last left you all, I was in the process of crafting the Winged Plaque from Dragonspyre to fill another wall in my Watchtower Hall. I actually just finished crafting it today! I think it looks nice. It's a bit small though. :(

Well, I guess that's all for now. See you in the Spiral!
<3 Cassie

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Coming Out from the Abyss for a Moment...

I'm not about to update you in CL news or Test Realm quests. I'm sure you've already seen loads of that. I actually haven't been in Test to try out the quests - been very busy with school work and such.

I did stop by to say that I recorded Fire-school Study Hall with Ronan Dawn this morning/afternoon. It was quite fun and very cool to talk with another Pyro who isn't full of themselves! Anyway, that'll be aired during the next Ravenwood Radio. You should probably check it out.

I'll attempt to keep up this blog as best I can, but all my music work is taking over my life right now.

<3 Cassie

Friday, August 27, 2010

11th CL Preview + News from Cassie

Okay, so that little starfish is SO CUTE. Oh, and I see the outline of a turtle and maybe a seahorse-type creature on the right side! I really hope you don't have to buy that starfish with crowns (if it's a pet, that is). D: But, oh, I want that seahorse if it's a pet! (Boo for Kevin just tweeting pretty much what I posted about them! XD)

Anyway, a little news from me. I will be starting school again next week. I move in Sunday morning, so don't expect to see anything from me for a while besides maybe a little note saying I'm all moved in. I know I posted about not being on as much, but if there's news, I will be here. (:

All the best,
Cassie <3

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wizard101 is very Busy...

So many Wizards are in the Spiral right now that you may experience delays logging in, and delays switching between areas within the game.
We will update this message with more information as it becomes available.

I can't even get past the log-in screen. It won't even let me put my password in! Well, it does, but it says there's an error when I enter it. Fail, wizard.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

After a long time away...

...I've decided to take a little more time off.

I have seen quite a few people start to get bored with Wizard, since there's really nothing new going on yet. With the few updates we have been given on CL there is something to look forward to in the future but, right now, I have kind of lost interest in playing the game.

So, for now (until the update, or when I feel like coming back), I will be on a hiatus. Don't know how long it'll be but, I need to do something other than wait around for something new to happen. You can only farm the Ravens so many times, ya know?

Anywho, for me, school starts up again in less than 2 weeks. I move back into my new dorm on the 29th of August. I got my books today, and I have been slowly packing everything I need for the new year. I need to concentrate on more important things as of right now, so who knows if I'll even be back when the CL update happens? I mean, sure, I'll be back... but probably not as frequently as I have been.

So, until I see you all again, take care, and kick W101 butt!

<3 Cassie

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Celestia Wallpaper Update!

I know this is a tad later than half of the other people who posted it, but here's another one just cuz I wanna feel special. :D

<3 Cassie

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wizard101 Extended Maintenance

As part of our ongoing effort to improve Wizard101, we will be performing extended maintenance on the game several times over the next few weeks.

Starting Wednesday July 28th, Wizard101 will be offline for 1 hour; from 3am to 4am Central US Time.

Once the game is back online, Paying Players* will be able to log in immediately and Free to Play players will have intermittent access. Throughout the day, all players may experience delays logging their characters in to the worlds.

Thank you for your patience while we continue to improve Wizard101 for all our players.

*paying players include those who are currently subscribed, or have purchased $10 in Crowns or more in the last 30 days

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Bloggers' Club Presents...

(I made this :D)

Port busses will be loading in Golem Court of Unicorn Area One at 8:00 PM CST. The bus will leave promptly at that time. Two more busses will run in 15 minute intervals at 8:15 and 8:30. 8:30 is the final bus of the evening. If you are unable to make the 8:30 bus please contact either John or Heather.


<3 Cassie

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creating New Characters!

For a VERY long time, Cassandra was the only member of the Hexthorn family. Today, I decided it was time to add more wizards to my account. My two sisters each have one wizard on the account, and I had already created one other, so I was able to create two more, opposite the wizards John Lifeglen has.

For Cassie, a character of Ice was created some time ago by John. He is now in MB and waiting for another character of mine to catch up.

As for the other three wizards I have, meet Jasmine, Colin, and Sestiva Hexthorn!

Jasmine is a level 6 Necromancer, Colin is a level 1 Diviner, and Sestiva is a level 12 Sorceress! And as you can see, they all have the trademark Hexthorn blue hair! :D (Well, you can't see Jas's hair. :P)

As of right now, I am working on leveling Sestiva so she can play alongside John's character Noah, even though he was created for Cassie. I am currently in Colossus Blvd, and can not wait to get out of Wizard City. It's been SO LONG since I've leveled a wizard. Don't get me wrong, it's fun seeing the EXP bar go up, but seriously... it's taking SO LONG to get to a higher level. xD

Ah well, I won't be playing on Cassie as much lately, only to craft and farm the Ravens. Speaking of which, I should probably go craft so some slots are open tomorrow!

Night, wizards!

<3 Cassie

Oh, and also, I'm thinking about writing stories about my characters. :x Maybe you'll see a post on that soon?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Petnome Project Finally Released!

Congrats to Kevin Battleblood and all those who are a part of the Petnome team!

To visit the site: click here

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Small Toy Train! EDIT: And Fire Bat~!

All right, so I decided to farm the Gurtok Barrier Demon for the small toy train. I had never soloed him before, as I am fire and he is fire... with 7,000 life.

However, with the help of a few prisms (I put them up before anything else so there weren't any ice shields interfering with my attacks), some fire blades, elemental blades, and helephants (Three to be exact. Each helephant with prism, fire blade and elemental blade did about 2,300 damage), I managed to defeat him by myself!

Aaaaand, I got the train on my first shot!

Isn't it adorable?! :D

EDIT: I also just picked up the fire bat after my third battle with him!

<3 Cassie

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What's New With Cass?

Hello, fellow wizards! I was reminded by my dear friend Kevin that I hadn't blogged in a while about Wizard-related shenanigans. Sooooo... here is a new post saying what I've been up to in the Spiral!

First off, I got me a new ride :D Oh, and my pretty new Wraith statue that I've waited SO LONG for. -_- Sunken City is NOT one of my favorite places to farm, so my sister (teehee) kindly gave me the statue she got on her first try. (LAME, FIRST TRY?! -__-)

Here's a pretty picture of me on my new set of legs (xD) and my new possession~!!

Alllllllrighty then. Moving on... you know all that cool new kitchen stuff that the recipe vendor in GH has? Well, I've begun my days of crafting most of the easier and less time-consuming items. I first crafted a mixing table, a kitchen cabinet, and the pots and pans, as shown below. :)

The rest of the kitchen stuff is still to come. It'll take me a while, as the cool-down time on each item is (ready for this?) 24 HOURS. -__----- Yeah, I know, crazy, but hey, it's worth it! I plan on crafting the kitchen ware rack, kitchen shelves, and the sandwich station as well. Stupid 24 hour cool-down. :| I still need to collect the rest of the grendelweed for the sandwich station. You need 12 of them; I have 7 at the moment, and I can't craft any because... well... THE COOL-DOWN TIME FOR THESE ITEMS IS 24 FREAKING HOURS. >:[ OK, calm down. *Deep breaths* All better. :)

Also, I found a thread on Central that says the toy train set is dropped by the Gurtok Barrier Demon! I better start farming over there, cuz if it's dropped, I'm not crafting it. xD I believe this set is smaller than the one that can be crafted, but hey, it's pretty much the same concept, right? And this one will take up less space. :)

That's all for now from Cassie, so I will see you all around the Spiral :)

<3 Cassie

Friday, July 16, 2010


Hello everyone! I'm back from my week away from home. I really needed to get away from this town, but I have returned!

I would post the CL wallpaper, but that would be really redundant. :)

EDIT: I felt left out. xD

Also, I crafted my GH house before I left! :D It's so cool. I just need all that new stuff to fill it with!

Happy Spiral-ing!

<3 Cassie

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I dunno about you, but I am terrified of this new character. She looks like she could do a LOT of destruction.

On second thought... bring on the damage!

<3 Cassie

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Housing Back Online!

Everyone can visit their houses again in the live realm! It seems KI has fixed the problem, but just in case, keep your eyes out for people who will still try and use the bug. Report players who talk about using the bug on one another to ensure the safety of the spiral!


Wizard101 Access to Wizard Housing is temporarily unavailable. You will receive the message Failed to Load Instance Zone if you attempt to teleport to your Dorm, or Castle. Thank you for your patience, your houses will be open again soon.


At least this means KI is aware of the "stealing and trading" bug going around the spiral. Let's hope KI can get to the root of the problem and fix this for those of us who haven't done anything!

<3 Cassie

Friday, July 2, 2010

New Celestia Wallpaper Reveal!

Well, he looks nice. >.<

<3 Cassie


Today marks the One Year Anniversary of the release of Grizzelheim! If you'd like to know more, check out the July 2009 Updates on Wizard101.com!
Inspired by Norse mythology, Grizzleheim is an airy, outdoor landscape of snowy mountains, glacial ridges and towering trees that is home to three new Wizard101 tribes - Bears, Wolves and Ravens.

To get started on your new adventure, be sure to visit Baldur Goldpaws in Olde Town, you can't miss him, or his Viking Ship!

Ah yes, the Viking Ship. Those were the days. More simpler times where quests were easy and people hated you because you were a low level.

Guess what ELSE came out in July?!

That's right the bazaar also made its first appearance in July of 2009. The new bazaar allows wizards to buy items sold by other wizards!

All prices are based on my current stock of items, so shop often for that special bargain, young Wizards! And don't worry, if someone sells an item on Wu Realm, and you're on Pixie, you'll see it in my inventory - I've got all the Realms covered!

Pretty freaking awesome, if I do say so myself. :D

Crafting also made its way into the Spiral this month one year ago. Crafting introduced hundreds of new items to the Spiral, and a unique way to get those items! Also, the quests to craft in each world were introduced! Recipes and reagents were introduced, and thus, wizards began their crafting careers in the Spiral.

There were also many different chat enhancements, such as the introduction of Open Chat for those over 18 years of age, "Click to Select" or left clicking the name in the chat window to select the wizard and right clicking to send them a message in private, the True Friend Code turning your friends' names green, grouping, and new Privacy Settings.

We also find the new Stun Block! (Oh, so THIS is the month to blame?!) Haha, nah, I've got nothing against the Stun Block. :P You can purchase this spell with Training Points from Sabrina Greenstar in the Wizard City Fairegrounds.


Housing Items:
  • Tatami Floor mats can now be picked up again after being placed
  • Dogfish Statue is now functioning properly as a Wall Hanging item.
  • Pilloried Skeleton can now be placed anywhere in a players home that it will fit into.
  • Wall Chains & Looped Wall Chains can now be placed on a players wall.
  • Boiler Door is now easier to place.
  • Players can now pick up the Iron Tea Pot from where it has been placed
  • The Red Dragon Bust can now be placed on a wall in a house.

Other Details:
  • Bosses of the Spiral will now gain Power Pips just like a Wizard!
  • The maximum amount of gold a character can have has been raised to 150 000.
  • Zeke's Crowns items are no longer available to purchase with gold, but are available as dropped items from creatures in the Spiral.
  • Learning all Balance spells now grants Sorcerer's the Master of Balance Badge.
  • Learning all Life spells now grants Theurgist's the Master of Nature Badge.
  • Mortis has a new spell for you to learn - Infection!
  • Cleanse Charm and Cleanse Ward spells have been dropped to 0 pips.
  • The following spells have had their ranks reduced: Doom & Gloom, Wyldfire, Balefrost, Sanctuary, Cleanse Ward, Time of Legend, Cleanse Charm, Darkwind
  • The following spell has had its power increased: Balefrost
  • Satyr Pets now come with Satyr Cards instead of Unicorn.
  • Players defeated in a duel will be marked "Defeated" in their 2d Combat Panel
  • Beguile will not cause loss of rank when used on the last turn of a Player vs Player match.
  • Voiceovers have been added to the Tutorial Tips and the Help Menu
  • Beware young Wizards, the population of creatures has increased in Kishibe Village!
  • Tri-Blade, Tri-Trap and other Triple affect spells have been sped up to appear faster
  • Sgt Skullsplitter is no longer helping young Wizards and has stopped casting Deathblade on players.
  • The population of Nirini Bosses has increased to help Wizards complete "Give 'Em Another Round" quest.
  • Speed Boots of the Comet have had their textures fixed and all Speed Boots can now be dyed.
  • Dragonspyre Academy map has been updated to correct the location of the Crystal Grove.
  • Players will regain their health while they are in their Dorm Rooms.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Grizzelheim, and a big fat YAY to all the other updates!!!

<3 Cassie

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Referring to My GH Crafting Page

If anyone finds any flaws in the math, please tell me. :)

<3 Cassie

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crafting and Reagent Farming

Ah, crafting. In Wizard 101, crafting is a way to get rare items that cannot be dropped by bosses or found on the bazaar (except for those rare occasions where someone sells their items). Most crafting recipes call for a little of this and a little of that, a few treasure cards, and boom, you've got a new stack of planks or a cool DragonSpyre bed.

Crafting is fun when you have all the ingredients you need. Most of the time, however, recipes require you to go out through the Spiral and gather up the necessary reagents for your item. Sometimes, you even have to get treasure cards from others who have found them while farming bosses, or from those who can make them. Not all recipes call for such actions, but when they do, players are more than willing to help a friend in need.

However, this new Grizzelheim house crafting recipe in test realm is RIDICULOUS!

OK, KI, yes, we asked for challenges. We asked for GH housing, but really? Crowns and crafting? Crafting used to be fun, but have you SEEN the recipe? Not only does it call for millions of common reagents like ore, mushrooms and mist wood, but it also calls for 80 diamonds, 208 water lilies, and 90 nightshade. Yes yes, you can buy most of these on the bazaar, so why not just do that and get it over with?

I for one would much rather run around finding the ingredients I need. It's fun, you find some cool reagents and you can hop realms to make things easier. You can even transmutate the rarer reagents to make things a bit easier. There's only one thing that really bothers me about searching for rare reagents like diamonds...


OK, so yes, maybe 1 in every 30 or 40 ore, you'll find a diamond. Yes, I know it's a rare reagent for a reason... but this seems pretty ridiculous to me, especially when the recipe calls for 80 of them. AND it bothers me that this recipe calls for both ore AND diamonds... so if you were thinking about transmutating all of your diamonds, you better think again, because you'll be searching for more ore than you've ever imagined.

I think KI should decrease the time it takes for common reagents to re-spawn, or increase the probability that you will find a rare reagent like a diamond or a black pearl.

For Master Arteasans like myself, crafting the carousel was a big deal. Now, with this recipe, that seems like a cake walk.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Picture from TR: GH

This picture is from GH, inside the door the Crypt Keeper raven usually guards. The room is known as the Hall of the Ice Forge.

I think this is SO COOL.

But... it's for crafting in GH. >.< Nothing else special about it? I guess we'll see.

<3 Cassie

Monday, June 28, 2010

Back from vacation to find TEST REALM ONLINE?!

What needs Testing?

An urgent message has come from a faraway world! For those of you who have completed the Final Countdown quest in Dragonspyre, visit Halston Balestrom, in Ravenwood. Snorri Oysterbloom in Grizzleheim wants to speak with you, but only if you've completed the quest "I'm with the Band"!

SO EXCITING! :D See you in test!

<33333 Cassie

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Away for the Weekend

Oh hey, so I am going up to Cape Cod with my family until Sunday. My uncle is getting married. :D So I'll be back next week! Happy Wizarding!

<3 Cassie

Monday, June 21, 2010

I Had An Idea!

So I was taking a stroll around the Spiral this morning and came up with this great idea. Why don't I buy a house just for all my pets and friends to enjoy!? I went to the WC house shop and purchased a Royal Playhouse. :D It's still in the making, but I hope to have a grand opening show when it's finished!

I'll keep all you peoples posted ;)

<3 Cassie

Mr. Robot Revealed!

He's CUTE! :D

Seems to me he's a more advanced version of the clockworks in Marleybone.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Marleybone Pet Farming

I finally bought the rest of the crowns I needed to buy the areas I hadn't unlocked yet. I just farmed the Black Widow for her Black Spider and received one on my second try. :)

Very happy about that. Farming the Counterweights later today... possibly. I love receiving new pets. They make me happy. :D

<3 Cassie

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crazed Forest Spirit, you have been VANQUISHED!

I got the Crabling on my first try tonight! :D
Wizard101 Extended Maintenance

Wizard101 the game will be offline tonight
from 1am to 6am Central US Time.

During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game, and active players will be prompted to log out.
Our website will also be undergoing maintenance and may have interruptions in service during this downtime. Thank you for your continued patience while we improve the game service for all players.


According to Loremaster Lohnist on Wizard101 Cenrtal, the problems that are going to be addressed are as follows: Spiffy Pop Exploit, Pet XP

Monday, June 14, 2010

Green Ghosty :)

Hatch time = 12 hours. I hate how long it takes some of these pets to hatch. -_-

Saturday, June 12, 2010



I'm so excited right now. After a whole week of farming, I got my mander on my 3rd try.

Cassie <3

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Happenings

Hello everyone. :] TGIF! I don't work or anything, but the week is over and the weekend is ready to begin.

What's on the agenda for today? Hmm, let's see. I'll probably farm Kiwu some more, as I still need to get that gosh darn mander. I'm also in the process of training my danger hound, Lady Piper, to adult. I will most likely work on that some more.

Logged in this morning to see my silver colossus hatched. :] Yay another new pet for my ever-growing collection! I still have a LONG way to go, but soon my friend John Lifeglen and I will be hatching with our danger hounds for ghost hounds! Let's just hope we both get them? I'm not really sure how the whole hatching thing works, as I have never done it before... -_-

Oh, and also, is there anyone out there with a level 48 pet that would want to hatch with a helephant eventually? She doesn't have very good stats or abilities, just a 2% and a 5% pip boost *snicker*, and two abilities for the derby, but once I get the money, I really want the different colored Oni pets. Yeah yeah, I know they're not the coolest hybrids there are, but if you'd like to try and help me out... :D

There are still a few areas I need to buy in the game, and I'm running out of crowns again. -_- I really hate spending actual money on virtual games... especially when it's my money and I don't work that often. *sigh*

Well, I best be off. Kiwu isn't just going to hand me his mander! (Demonstrated by the fact that this will be my 5th day farming him. x_x)

Love always,
Cassie <3

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another New Pet!

Got a Silver Colossus this everning! :D 9 hours until I have a new friend!

PS - Still no luck with Kiwu. -_-

Cassie <3

Aggravated. >:[

I've been farming Kiwu since MONDAY MORNING, and STILL no mander pet. I'm starting to believe KI decreased the pet drop rates for many, if not all, of the bosses. While farming Kiwu, I've received close to 20 fat pumpkins, and at least five of each other item dropped by him. I am starting to get very agitated and antsy. I want this mander pet. One time I was farming with my friend, someone ported into the battle as I was leaving. Apparently, according to my friend, that someone got the mander even though she was only there for a few seconds. SO NOT FAIR. I've been working so hard to get this pet. I've stopped farming him to switch to others and then gone back.

Is there some secret to farming pets? I'm guessing not, but I have never been this unlucky in my life. >:[

Trying again... sigh,
Cassie <3

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Death Oni Pet :D

Got my Leprechaun this afternoon! 11 hr. hatch time from now. >:[

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ravenwood News - June 7th

I’d like to address everyone who experienced a loss of items or progress in the last two days. We are wholly aware of the issue that effected some players over the weekend. We ask you to have just a bit of patience as we are investigating and will be addressing your specific situation as soon as possible. We do understand this is most frustrating for you and promise to have it resolved as quickly as we can.
~Professor Greyrose

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Pet Locations Discovered!

The locations of the Mander and the Inferno Mander have been confirmed! The Mander is dropped by Kiwu in the Karanahn Barracks, and the Inferno Mander is dropped by Ngozi the Beguiler in the Tomb of the Beguiler. Credit for these locations goes to whomever discovered them first (idk who that is xD)!

Time for some farming.

Oh, and I won't be on very much, if at all, this week. My cousin is coming to stay with me, and she doesn't play W101... so I have to stay off the computer. :P

Until we meet again, and happy farming!
Cassie <3

Friday, June 4, 2010

Another New Pet!

:D WEEEEE!! SO excited. This took me forever to aquire... and now I have to wait 15 hours. >.>


Fire Serpent

I'm SO excited about my FIRE SERPENT! :D

New Celestia Reveal

Look! A shark! He's scary. >.>

Added Another New Page!

This new page consists of translations from Grizzelheim using Old Norse language. Feel free to browse. :)

Cassie <3

Something I Found Interesting

Yesterday, I was in Grizzelheim farming a few of the bosses for pets. No such luck getting them yet, but I did see something that was interesting. I took a screencap of the Crypt in Northguard. If you all will recall an earlier time when the Cryptkeeper Raven was standing in FRONT of the Crypt. Now, this could be just something to keep us guessing, or the Crypt is going to be open when the Celestia plot is released. Maybe it has nothing to do with anything of that sort, but it's always fun to speculate.

Here's two screencaps:

I find it really interesting how they made a point to move him. Hopefully this means something, and maybe this Crypt will unveil some mysteries that are waiting to be solved.

Away I go!
Cassandra <3

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wizard101 Maintenance

Wizard101 the game will be offline tonight
from 3:00am to 7:00am Central US Time.

During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game, and active players will be prompted to log out.
This downtime may be extended without notice.

Hopefully this maintenance will fix some of the bugs that everyone has been complaining about since the pet update.

Meh, pet snack pack update = fail.

Added a Poll

Alright, so it's time to vote for your favorite pet game! This is just s fun little poll to see how popular different games are. I expect people will enjoy the Pert Derby the most, but hey, I could be wrong.

Vote for your favorite!

Cassandra <3

My first W101 blog! :D

This is a pretty exciting moment for me. I've blogged on my own before, but never about playing a game like Wizard 101!

So... hey. :) The name is Cassandra Hexthorn. I'm a Grandmaster Pyromancer, Master Artisan, and a very devoted player.

I used to subscribe, but since I ran out of money on my account (WHOOPS!) I had to buy crowns to keep playing. Luckily KingsIsle has that crown sale going on right now where you can buy 60,000 crowns for $59.99. Oh my, that ends TODAY! I bought them just in time.

Alright, so the biggest thing in W101 right now is the new pet release. Stupid me used to sell all of her pets for money, so I have been working hard to get the new pets. I just got the Blue Banshee today from Lord Nightshade in the Haunted Cave off of Triton Avenue. Hatch time is 6 hours, and I can't wait to see my new baby Banshee.

Well, I guess I better get back to playing. I've got a bunch of pets to work for~!

Signing off for now,
Cassandra <3