Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aggravated. >:[

I've been farming Kiwu since MONDAY MORNING, and STILL no mander pet. I'm starting to believe KI decreased the pet drop rates for many, if not all, of the bosses. While farming Kiwu, I've received close to 20 fat pumpkins, and at least five of each other item dropped by him. I am starting to get very agitated and antsy. I want this mander pet. One time I was farming with my friend, someone ported into the battle as I was leaving. Apparently, according to my friend, that someone got the mander even though she was only there for a few seconds. SO NOT FAIR. I've been working so hard to get this pet. I've stopped farming him to switch to others and then gone back.

Is there some secret to farming pets? I'm guessing not, but I have never been this unlucky in my life. >:[

Trying again... sigh,
Cassie <3


  1. I've been waiting for my pet enegry to get back and it takes hours!

  2. There is no secret to pet farming. Just patience. :) I like to put on some music or a movie and listen to it in the background.

    But now you have a bunch of pumpkins, you're set for Halloween! :)