Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crafting and Reagent Farming

Ah, crafting. In Wizard 101, crafting is a way to get rare items that cannot be dropped by bosses or found on the bazaar (except for those rare occasions where someone sells their items). Most crafting recipes call for a little of this and a little of that, a few treasure cards, and boom, you've got a new stack of planks or a cool DragonSpyre bed.

Crafting is fun when you have all the ingredients you need. Most of the time, however, recipes require you to go out through the Spiral and gather up the necessary reagents for your item. Sometimes, you even have to get treasure cards from others who have found them while farming bosses, or from those who can make them. Not all recipes call for such actions, but when they do, players are more than willing to help a friend in need.

However, this new Grizzelheim house crafting recipe in test realm is RIDICULOUS!

OK, KI, yes, we asked for challenges. We asked for GH housing, but really? Crowns and crafting? Crafting used to be fun, but have you SEEN the recipe? Not only does it call for millions of common reagents like ore, mushrooms and mist wood, but it also calls for 80 diamonds, 208 water lilies, and 90 nightshade. Yes yes, you can buy most of these on the bazaar, so why not just do that and get it over with?

I for one would much rather run around finding the ingredients I need. It's fun, you find some cool reagents and you can hop realms to make things easier. You can even transmutate the rarer reagents to make things a bit easier. There's only one thing that really bothers me about searching for rare reagents like diamonds...


OK, so yes, maybe 1 in every 30 or 40 ore, you'll find a diamond. Yes, I know it's a rare reagent for a reason... but this seems pretty ridiculous to me, especially when the recipe calls for 80 of them. AND it bothers me that this recipe calls for both ore AND diamonds... so if you were thinking about transmutating all of your diamonds, you better think again, because you'll be searching for more ore than you've ever imagined.

I think KI should decrease the time it takes for common reagents to re-spawn, or increase the probability that you will find a rare reagent like a diamond or a black pearl.

For Master Arteasans like myself, crafting the carousel was a big deal. Now, with this recipe, that seems like a cake walk.

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