Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creating New Characters!

For a VERY long time, Cassandra was the only member of the Hexthorn family. Today, I decided it was time to add more wizards to my account. My two sisters each have one wizard on the account, and I had already created one other, so I was able to create two more, opposite the wizards John Lifeglen has.

For Cassie, a character of Ice was created some time ago by John. He is now in MB and waiting for another character of mine to catch up.

As for the other three wizards I have, meet Jasmine, Colin, and Sestiva Hexthorn!

Jasmine is a level 6 Necromancer, Colin is a level 1 Diviner, and Sestiva is a level 12 Sorceress! And as you can see, they all have the trademark Hexthorn blue hair! :D (Well, you can't see Jas's hair. :P)

As of right now, I am working on leveling Sestiva so she can play alongside John's character Noah, even though he was created for Cassie. I am currently in Colossus Blvd, and can not wait to get out of Wizard City. It's been SO LONG since I've leveled a wizard. Don't get me wrong, it's fun seeing the EXP bar go up, but seriously... it's taking SO LONG to get to a higher level. xD

Ah well, I won't be playing on Cassie as much lately, only to craft and farm the Ravens. Speaking of which, I should probably go craft so some slots are open tomorrow!

Night, wizards!

<3 Cassie

Oh, and also, I'm thinking about writing stories about my characters. :x Maybe you'll see a post on that soon?

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  1. While my son prefers to earn each level, he REALLY wanted his 3-pip fire spell before battling the Harvest Lord so he took a quick trip with me to Marleybone and got a couple thousand experience points by doing the Mayor's water quests. (Talk to the guy in the hat shop several times, pick berries from Unicorn Way, get water from the Oasis, etc.) Just thought I'd pass that along in case you get tired of dueling Gobblers. ;-)