Friday, July 2, 2010


Today marks the One Year Anniversary of the release of Grizzelheim! If you'd like to know more, check out the July 2009 Updates on!
Inspired by Norse mythology, Grizzleheim is an airy, outdoor landscape of snowy mountains, glacial ridges and towering trees that is home to three new Wizard101 tribes - Bears, Wolves and Ravens.

To get started on your new adventure, be sure to visit Baldur Goldpaws in Olde Town, you can't miss him, or his Viking Ship!

Ah yes, the Viking Ship. Those were the days. More simpler times where quests were easy and people hated you because you were a low level.

Guess what ELSE came out in July?!

That's right the bazaar also made its first appearance in July of 2009. The new bazaar allows wizards to buy items sold by other wizards!

All prices are based on my current stock of items, so shop often for that special bargain, young Wizards! And don't worry, if someone sells an item on Wu Realm, and you're on Pixie, you'll see it in my inventory - I've got all the Realms covered!

Pretty freaking awesome, if I do say so myself. :D

Crafting also made its way into the Spiral this month one year ago. Crafting introduced hundreds of new items to the Spiral, and a unique way to get those items! Also, the quests to craft in each world were introduced! Recipes and reagents were introduced, and thus, wizards began their crafting careers in the Spiral.

There were also many different chat enhancements, such as the introduction of Open Chat for those over 18 years of age, "Click to Select" or left clicking the name in the chat window to select the wizard and right clicking to send them a message in private, the True Friend Code turning your friends' names green, grouping, and new Privacy Settings.

We also find the new Stun Block! (Oh, so THIS is the month to blame?!) Haha, nah, I've got nothing against the Stun Block. :P You can purchase this spell with Training Points from Sabrina Greenstar in the Wizard City Fairegrounds.


Housing Items:
  • Tatami Floor mats can now be picked up again after being placed
  • Dogfish Statue is now functioning properly as a Wall Hanging item.
  • Pilloried Skeleton can now be placed anywhere in a players home that it will fit into.
  • Wall Chains & Looped Wall Chains can now be placed on a players wall.
  • Boiler Door is now easier to place.
  • Players can now pick up the Iron Tea Pot from where it has been placed
  • The Red Dragon Bust can now be placed on a wall in a house.

Other Details:
  • Bosses of the Spiral will now gain Power Pips just like a Wizard!
  • The maximum amount of gold a character can have has been raised to 150 000.
  • Zeke's Crowns items are no longer available to purchase with gold, but are available as dropped items from creatures in the Spiral.
  • Learning all Balance spells now grants Sorcerer's the Master of Balance Badge.
  • Learning all Life spells now grants Theurgist's the Master of Nature Badge.
  • Mortis has a new spell for you to learn - Infection!
  • Cleanse Charm and Cleanse Ward spells have been dropped to 0 pips.
  • The following spells have had their ranks reduced: Doom & Gloom, Wyldfire, Balefrost, Sanctuary, Cleanse Ward, Time of Legend, Cleanse Charm, Darkwind
  • The following spell has had its power increased: Balefrost
  • Satyr Pets now come with Satyr Cards instead of Unicorn.
  • Players defeated in a duel will be marked "Defeated" in their 2d Combat Panel
  • Beguile will not cause loss of rank when used on the last turn of a Player vs Player match.
  • Voiceovers have been added to the Tutorial Tips and the Help Menu
  • Beware young Wizards, the population of creatures has increased in Kishibe Village!
  • Tri-Blade, Tri-Trap and other Triple affect spells have been sped up to appear faster
  • Sgt Skullsplitter is no longer helping young Wizards and has stopped casting Deathblade on players.
  • The population of Nirini Bosses has increased to help Wizards complete "Give 'Em Another Round" quest.
  • Speed Boots of the Comet have had their textures fixed and all Speed Boots can now be dyed.
  • Dragonspyre Academy map has been updated to correct the location of the Crystal Grove.
  • Players will regain their health while they are in their Dorm Rooms.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Grizzelheim, and a big fat YAY to all the other updates!!!

<3 Cassie


  1. Nice compilation! I'm impressed that you kept track of all of that!