Saturday, July 17, 2010

What's New With Cass?

Hello, fellow wizards! I was reminded by my dear friend Kevin that I hadn't blogged in a while about Wizard-related shenanigans. Sooooo... here is a new post saying what I've been up to in the Spiral!

First off, I got me a new ride :D Oh, and my pretty new Wraith statue that I've waited SO LONG for. -_- Sunken City is NOT one of my favorite places to farm, so my sister (teehee) kindly gave me the statue she got on her first try. (LAME, FIRST TRY?! -__-)

Here's a pretty picture of me on my new set of legs (xD) and my new possession~!!

Alllllllrighty then. Moving on... you know all that cool new kitchen stuff that the recipe vendor in GH has? Well, I've begun my days of crafting most of the easier and less time-consuming items. I first crafted a mixing table, a kitchen cabinet, and the pots and pans, as shown below. :)

The rest of the kitchen stuff is still to come. It'll take me a while, as the cool-down time on each item is (ready for this?) 24 HOURS. -__----- Yeah, I know, crazy, but hey, it's worth it! I plan on crafting the kitchen ware rack, kitchen shelves, and the sandwich station as well. Stupid 24 hour cool-down. :| I still need to collect the rest of the grendelweed for the sandwich station. You need 12 of them; I have 7 at the moment, and I can't craft any because... well... THE COOL-DOWN TIME FOR THESE ITEMS IS 24 FREAKING HOURS. >:[ OK, calm down. *Deep breaths* All better. :)

Also, I found a thread on Central that says the toy train set is dropped by the Gurtok Barrier Demon! I better start farming over there, cuz if it's dropped, I'm not crafting it. xD I believe this set is smaller than the one that can be crafted, but hey, it's pretty much the same concept, right? And this one will take up less space. :)

That's all for now from Cassie, so I will see you all around the Spiral :)

<3 Cassie

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