Friday, August 27, 2010

11th CL Preview + News from Cassie

Okay, so that little starfish is SO CUTE. Oh, and I see the outline of a turtle and maybe a seahorse-type creature on the right side! I really hope you don't have to buy that starfish with crowns (if it's a pet, that is). D: But, oh, I want that seahorse if it's a pet! (Boo for Kevin just tweeting pretty much what I posted about them! XD)

Anyway, a little news from me. I will be starting school again next week. I move in Sunday morning, so don't expect to see anything from me for a while besides maybe a little note saying I'm all moved in. I know I posted about not being on as much, but if there's news, I will be here. (:

All the best,
Cassie <3

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