Saturday, September 11, 2010

Coming Out from the Abyss for a Moment...

I'm not about to update you in CL news or Test Realm quests. I'm sure you've already seen loads of that. I actually haven't been in Test to try out the quests - been very busy with school work and such.

I did stop by to say that I recorded Fire-school Study Hall with Ronan Dawn this morning/afternoon. It was quite fun and very cool to talk with another Pyro who isn't full of themselves! Anyway, that'll be aired during the next Ravenwood Radio. You should probably check it out.

I'll attempt to keep up this blog as best I can, but all my music work is taking over my life right now.

<3 Cassie

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  1. Oh good, I look forward to a Fire study hall. I've had death, storm, and balance wizards but haven't enjoyed Fire as much as I expected. I'm at level 27 or so and I have had a hard time embracing the DOT spells, especially with the relatively low life of a pyromancer. Maybe I'll pick up some tips in the study hall. Thanks for taking the time to do it.