Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Few Thoughts Regarding Celestia

Because I am taking so many classes, I haven't really had time to get in the spiral and play much. However, when I saw CL was in the test realm, I just had to take a peek at what was in store for our wizards.

I will start off by saying the first glimpse you get of CL through the spiral door is pretty freaking cool. I took a picture for those who haven't seen CL at all.

That's obviously me on my crown sea turtle mount Swimmy who will soon disappear because this is test and not real life.

Seeing that picture of CL made me want to keep going. There were some worlds (ie, MS) that didn't really catch my interest in the beginning because you could tell exactly what was going on. CL, in this picture, looks like a sort of underwater castle... but with further exploration, you come to find there has been some destruction here, like all the other worlds we've seen. Structures have been demolished, leaving remains all around the camp.

Also, the Marlybonians are back to help us in questing around CL!

That's the engineer you speak with to start off your questing. Neat pants. Oh, and my crown seahorse Turq (like the color turquoise).

Unlike Wizard City, CL doesn't have school buildings with teachers who give you spells... they have these sort of statues that you click and the cards come up.

I thought we saw pictures of teachers of the moon, star, and sun schools? I'm starting to think those aren't the teachers, but bosses that specialize in each school. Yikes. Needless to say, I wasn't too enthused with the new cards. :\ I was hoping for a new arsenal of attacks, not spells like (sun) Keen Eyes, Accurate, and Monstrous. I will say I like the star spells, which give you a tower shield-type boost for 3 turns, or a blade-type boost for 3 turns (or so that's what it looks like). Now, the moon spells are sort of intriguing. They morph you into another creature for 6 rounds. That's actually pretty neat. I can't wait to see that in action.

Now for a very short rant.

WHY ARE ALL THE MONSTERS FIRE IN THE BEGINNING?! It's ridiculous. We're under water. Shouldn't they be storm? Or ice? Or even balance? But FIRE? C'mon, people.

K, done.

:) <3 Cassie

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  1. " crown sea turtle mount Swimmy who will soon disappear because this is test and not real life."

    You know you're a W101 addict when you refer to the live realm as real life. :-)