Monday, December 13, 2010

Slightly Ashamed

These past few weeks have not been too great for the Wizard101 community. Rumors flying everywhere, people quitting and then coming back, and friends of mine who are contemplating erasing themselves and starting over.

I seriously can't take this anymore.

It's hard enough watching my best in-game friend go through what he's experiencing right now, but along with that, I'm caught in the middle of the battlefield. Fortunately for me, my connections with either side don't care that I'm on both sides. It's so difficult to listen to some of the things that are said and read some of these posts about how people are feeling and how they can't deal with everything anymore.

Let's get one thing straight.


We're all here for the same purpose (Is this deja vu? *See previous post*), and that is to have fun, build a wizard to our liking, win battles, get housing items, craft, PVP, and most recent, create a wonderful garden. To see people get in ridiculous arguments is just heartbreaking. No one was asking for trouble.

Can't we all just get along?

<3 Cassie

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  1. At least you STILL have friends that care so much. *Sniff* All of the great wizards and witches who helped me level through the game don't play anymore. My friend list is almost always empty.

    Anyways, when you are talking about rumors flying everywhere, are you talking about your clique (by which I mean the group of friends who are apparently fighting) or do you mean Central, the Twizards, and the Blogosphere?

    Please give more background! Rants are a call for help, back up, advice etc. People can't respond without the appropriate background information.