Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's been a while!

Hello wizards! Cass Hexthorn here with an update on real life goings-on.

School has started for me again, and I'm already knee-deep in music work. I guess that's the price of wanting to be a music teacher! I'm entering a competition later this month for singers all over my state, so I'll be busy practicing for that a little every day (excluding my voice lessons, which are on Thursday afternoons). Because of the snow days where I live, we missed two and a half days of school... so unfortunately, come Monday, we'll probably have a TON of work to do. Don't think you'll see any more of me than my name on Livestream video chats.

Speaking of Livestream, I've been sitting in the chat listening and watching Kevin BattleBlood's PvP commentary. I don't PvP, but I'm getting plenty of excellent tips and inside looks at the world of friendly PvP. If you ever decide you want to get into PvPing, I suggest watching a few of the videos from the parties held. Not only do you get tips from Kevin and others who commentate (Fallon, Cassandra, etc), but you get to see how players of every school play! I think they're really interesting to watch and hear, so you should check them out. Look out on KBB's twitter page

In other news, I got my subscription back today; my dad's credit card had been cancelled and now I will be able to get back to work in the spiral.

Welp, I guess that's all I want to say!

<3 Cassie

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