Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cassie Likes PvP? WHAT?

You heard me.

Last night at John Lifeglen's MFP I joined in a friendly match between a bunch of wizards I know. Twice. The first battle was naked PvP... which means PvP without any hats, robes, shoes, rings, athames, pets, or wands (amulets still allowed). That match was my first PvP match. Ever. I guess I did okay. I didn't really know what I was doing at first; I had set up my deck to the best of my ability and hoped for the best. My team didn't win that match, but it was quite difficult without gear. No accuracy! That really made me irritated. But I did get an Efreet off on John. (Sorry! I love you!)

The second match was full gear, pets, and wands. I was in fourth (again) with Kevin, Cass D., and Cody... ice, two life, and fire. I wasn't sure what to think about the upcoming match, seeing as this would be my first "official" PvP. The first one didn't really count since there was no gear. :P Anywho, with a few (more like many) tips from Kevin throughout the match, I was able to pull off success and our team won! I was just a tad excited, seeing as this was the first PvP I had won.

John and Maria decided I was to become a part of their PvP team the Blue Berets. Here's a picture of 3/4 of the team.

Don't we look snazzy? :D

Of course I'll be wanting to build my perfect PvP deck. I will probably have to buy back my training points when I get the chance. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, so PvP just gave me the kick to do it. In case you were wondering, I have a whole folder of Myth spells I never use. Thanks, John, for suggesting that. NOT. :D

Much love!
<3 Cassie


  1. Glad to have you in the PvP Scene, Hexythorn. Hoping to see you and your team go far~

  2. Let's try this commenty thing again since it wasn't working earlier for reasons unknown to me...YAY! I forsee much hatching in all of our futures and even more pet training O-o. Also, this isn't your first go with PvP...4v4 perhaps. I seem to recall practice matches LONG ago 2v2 just me and you. As for Myth spells, earthquake could be handy potentially if I was to donate pips...I'm not going to apologize for making that suggestion when we were both still noobs :p

  3. Battle's uploaded: