Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jealousy Will Drive You Mad

Recently, I've seen many a blogger speaking up over the arrival of the new Sultan's Palace. As most of you know, the gift card was to be released in June, but some GameStops have already released the cards. Official bloggers and site creators/workers have also received codes for all of their hard work in the community. Many wizards have been speaking up, saying it's "not fair" how these players got a free gift. A jealous wiz is not a happy wiz.

Jealousy drove Christian mad, remember?

Let's think about how much some of the bloggers and site creators/workers have done for the rest of the community. Just because I am friends with many of the workers, I'll use Petnome as an example. All the people at Petnome do so much for the wizard community. Do they deserve to be recognized? Absolutely. I have a feeling most of you have no idea how much work goes into managing a site like Petnome. I will say that I do not either, but hanging around the workers and its creator has shown me exactly how much planning, work, and stress go into/come out of a site like Petnome.

I think we should all just be happy that KI is releasing new content for the game! First WinterTusk, and now a new epic bundle? C'mon, everyone! Celebrate!

"So I put my hands up, they're playing my song..."
In other news (and speaking of WT), my good friend SorceressMiklai pointed out a runestone at the beginning of Vestrilund.

It says Vestrilund. Mystery over!

See ya 'round!
<3 Cassie

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  1. Lol, I thought you might have tuned us out during some site discussions, but I was wrong! ^_^ Thanks for the mention; we all appreciate it!