Monday, May 16, 2011

New Header!

Thought I would start off my return to blogging by making a new header. I know I basically just made the other one, but since WinterTusk is out, I thought it would be appropriate to make another new one. I am wearing my CL crafted crit gear and my level 58 CL boots in this picture. Once I stitch my new Water Works gear to something I like, I will probably update it again... but maybe not, since I do really like this outfit. It's different... and it's not red and yellow! *shocker*

I will be taking finals this week, but lookout for a blog post this weekend about my adventures through WinterTusk! Kevin Battleblood and I did basically all of WT together, minus a few of the side quests :P... But anyway, be on the lookout for a new post on the weekend!

Happy WinterTusk-ing!
<3 Cassie

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