Saturday, June 25, 2011

After the Ravenwood Ball

The pictures I've included in this post are the outfits that my date, Kevin Battleblood, and I wore tonight at the ball. We changed outfits every 10 minutes before the ball even started, and then stayed in our original outfits until the PvP started for Kevin.

Look at this first one... We're each other! Isn't that cute? ^-^ He even copied me with the sword, which I thought was hilarious. We actually wear the same robe normally, which is also hilarious, because we never realized it before we really started hanging out. Teehee!

So as most of you know, I was the host for one of the many mini parties that went on around the Spiral tonight. From what I heard, some people didn't even have anyone show up, and I am very sorry to those people and those who ended parties early.

Mine, however, seemed to go on for EVER.

At 6:15 CST my date, Kevin Battleblood, and I headed over to my house for the start of the mini parties. I had my other Cassandra Hexthorn account as a port bus, running back and forth through Ravenwood, picking up every wizard I could find.

Through this party of mine, I met a BUNCH of nice wizards! I even opened my friend requests to those who stayed until the end. I gotta tell ya, we are SO LUCKY to have the community we do. I was very surprised at the turnout of my party. I didn't expect as many people as I got.

In this picture to the right, we're in the Beastmaster Gear with wildclaw pets. It looks like we took each other's wildclaw! Heh heh

And thank you to all those who said something nice about my house. It took a LONG time to make it perfect, and a lot of hard work was put into it. Maybe some of you were inspired. I sure hope so! :)

Stormywiz actually asked to be trapped in the tiger pen! So funny! And lots of people liked my bird cage. I worked SO hard on that, and had a lot of help from Kevin because I'm still new at floating.

In this picture, we're wolves with fierce hounds to match! There's a purple scarecrow in the back behind me... but that's okay! I think we look really good, but that's just me.

Ravenwood was PACKED even before the ball started! We all played around with transformation potions, ran in circles, and just had a grand old time. I don't think I've ever had that much fun in this game! And I have all of YOU to thank for that!!!

In the last picture, we're ravens. You don't see our shadow phoenix pets, but we took them off so it wasn't so laggy. I think we look like our friend Autumn, don't you? A little tribute to her! :) I think I may keep this look for a future outfit... I really do love this robe. And Kevin looks dashing in blue, as always.

I met so many great new wizards tonight. We should be so grateful to have the community we do, and Fallon Shadowblade & DoaW are a HUGE part of what makes this game so great. A special thanks to her for making all of this possible and putting so much hard work into planning the contests, mini parties, and everything else in between. If you see her in game or on twitter or on DoaW, don't hesitate to thank her for everything she's done over the last 2 years.

Well, that's it for me... I'm just trying to fill out the space between these pictures so it flows correctly. Heh heh...

<3 Cassie

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ravenwood Ball Mini Party Hostess!


Lampnome Launch!

Alright, so you probably thought we were kidding when we were talking about Lampnome in the comments of the previous post. Well, you are completely incorrect! Here's is *drum roll*


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Poof! Whaddaya need?"

In honor of my all-time favorite Disney movie, I have dedicated this post to the Genie.
Let's see if you can catch all the references I use... *snicker*

I guess ten thousand years also makes you irritable.
No offence, Genie, we know it wasn't your fault.

I suppose Aladdin's genie is a different concept than what KI has given us, but in my opinion, KI's is pretty fantastic. Genie in the Sultan's Palace (seen below) allows a wizard to get a gift from the lamp once every 24 hours, and no, you cannot switch houses and receive another gift. It's a once-a-day affair, no matter whose house you are at. Maybe if you have nice wizard friends, they'll let you take a chance at the lamp in their house (that is, if you don't have a Sultan's Palace).

The ever impressive, often imitated, but never duplicated Kevin Battleblood and I have been using one another's lamps for a while now, depending on who gets to their house first. We both know I have such bad luck with his lamp! It's okay, Kevin, I forgive you.

We try to do a lamp run every day...

"But, Cassie, what's a lamp run?"

*You must be crazy. A little punch-drunk.
One too many hits with the snake...*

What is a lamp run, you ask? Well, sit back, relax, and I will explain!

In case of emergency, the exits are here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here anywhere!
Keep your hands and arms inside the carpet! We're outta here!

All right, sparky, here's the deal. It's true: you can only receive one "wish" from Genie every 24 hours on your wizard, but have you considered using your alts as well? Kevin and I travel to one of our palaces, collect what we can for our mains, and then do a little switcheroo. We log out of our main wizards (one by one of course) and use our alts to collect loot, too! "Hey, I never said it was one ACCOUNT per day, it's one WIZARD per day."

In order to do this, you need to be friends with your friend's alts. Once you both collect on your main, one of you logs out and ports in on another alt. Then, your friend can log out and port to you, and collect from the lamp again. Repeat this until you have collected on all of your characters! Believe me, this is very beneficial, especially if you need items to craft.

What can you collect from the Genie's lamp?

Our good friend Genie gives out all different sorts of items. You'll see different treasure cards (choke, storm shark, imp, etc.), various amounts of gold (1 gold, 2 gold, 50 gold, etc.), reagents varying in rareness (I've received everything from mushrooms and blood moss to sunstone and aquamarine), and pet snacks (I have not received any snack over rank 4 or 5). Though many claim it has nothing to do with the level of your wizard, I seem to be proving this wrong. My lowest level wiz only receives 1 or 2 gold each time, while Cassie gets one TC, one reagent, one snack, and some gold every time I visit. I'm going to keep testing this out.

So there you have it! You have been a fabulous audience! Tell you what, you're the best audience in the whole world. Take care of yourselves!
<3 Cassie

PS: In case you were wondering, I used 6 references. I tried to use more... it didn't work out. :P

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm the Backpack Loaded up with Things...

I really hope you all got the Dora the Explorer reference in my title. Being a 90s child, I watched Dora growing up, and you have no idea how excited I got when backpack and map would appear on the screen. Sigh, enough about my childhood...

This post is going to be about keeping your backpack free of extra items after farming and collecting many reagents, snacks, and treasure cards. This is going to basically be a list of the actions I take when I get a full backpack, so if you do some things differently, that's your prerogative. I am also including some things to do when you reach maximum gold. Once again, these are only the things that I and many others I know do. Don't think you HAVE to do any of these... they're just ideas. :)

What do I do when my backpack is full?

After a few hours of farming certain bosses, you'll end up with 120/120 filled slots in your backpack. This simply will not do! Of course you need room for MORE farming. C'mon... farming is a way of life! What I do is head over to the bazaar and start in my clothing section of my backpack. More often than not, the clothing you get from farming will not be as helpful as the clothing you have on, especially if you're a legendary that has completed the Water Works and crafted some of the WinterTusk gear.

I personally do not keep anything I get from farming, especially when it comes to clothing. Lately, my friends and I have been farming Halfang in Vestrilund, and he drops amulets that are 8k a piece, and they give a triage card. Pretty useless for me, so I sell them all, along with the robes, rings, athames, and boots I receive, as they're all at least 2,000 gold each. Halfang drops a TON of monstrous and tough treasure cards, none of which I keep. If you have alts that have not reached Celestia and do not have gargantuan or any of those spells, these TCs would be useful for questing. I don't keep them, and they just crowd my space.

Those are just examples of items I would definitely sell.

When it comes to items you would like to keep on your wizard, you must pick and choose carefully so you have ample room for other items. On Cassie, I have my every-day farming outfit which just happens to be my PvP clothes, and an outfit with extra energy (the Dragon's Utility outfit), two rings and athames with varying stats for farming or PvP (if I choose to do so), many different decks so I don't have to keep switching up builds, and two or three pets of my choosing.

I sell all my items on Cassie so she always has max gold, but if you use alts just as often as your main wizard, you can put items in the shared bank to help them reach max gold as well!

What do I do when I reach max gold?

When I reach maximum gold, there are a bunch of things I do! First, I go treasure card swiping for maybe a half an hour or so. I swipe fireblades for Cassie, dragonblades and balance blades for farming and donating, and other blades, healing cards, and astral spells to give to friends to use in PvP. Helping friends is a good way to get rid of gold fast. Other items I swipe are pet snacks for my fire pets, furniture items I've been searching for, and reagents for crafting items for my Sultan's Palace. I'm currently working on gold place settings, which take 40 fossils each. Lame.

If I still have lots of gold, I go to the reagent vendor in CL and buy so I have 999 of all he has to offer. That will be helpful in the long run, especially if KI creates more craftable items in the future! I also buy spare mounts. I bought a lion and lioness for the inside of my palace, and will probably end up buying more to have roaming around, keeping watch.

The last thing I do is go back to the bazaar and swipe again! You never know what you'll find at different times of the day.

So there you have it... my tips for full backpacks and max gold. If you keep farming and selling and buying, you'll have many items to call your own.

Happy farming!
<3 Cassie

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cassie's New Look

Okay so this look isn't permanent, but I thought I would post a picture of the new gear. This is the Utility gear; it gives more energy than my bear suit, so that's why I have it on. That sword is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I feel like I'm about to kill anyone who talks to me. Running with it is a little weird... but I love it!

<3 Cassie

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dragons Unite!

Okay so... I didn't get the skeledragon mount. Boo. I did get the wings though! Here's a picture of Cassandra Dragonheart, Angel Winterbreeze, and I hanging out in the commons. :D

I'm in the middle in full gear, with the level 60 balance sword. Love it!

<3 Cassie

This Week in the Spiral!

Hello to all! This week has been FULL of surprises, and I'm here to sum it all up for you. :)

First off, it's the second week of contests for the Ravenwood Ball and DoaW Birthday Bash! The contests this week are posting on twitter, DoaW, facebook, and your blog. No other contest because Fallon is very busy! I hope you all are preparing your outfits if you haven't figured them out already. I'm still trying to decide if I want to maybe host a mini party. I probably won't email FSB though... I'm betting lots of wizards have volunteered. Head on over to Diary of a Wizard to learn how to enter this week's contests. You can also see the winners of last week's poster contest. I entered, but did not win. Congrats to those who did! You can see my poster in the slideshow... it's the black and white dancers with the red text. I thought it was pretty good, though I really did just write text on a picture...

Second, June 6th through the 14th is the Pet-a-Palooza! KI brought back the red gobbler and pale maiden pets in addition to pricing ALL crown pets up to 50% off! They also said new pets will be released throughout the month of June! ALSO, if you head over to KI Free Games, you have a chance to win mega snacks and even pets! KI is doing so much for us this month. It's actually a bit overwhelming. [Wipes sweat from my forehead]

Finally, after last night's/this morning's maintenance , KI released the Dragon Hoard Game Card Pack. This pack can include anything from furniture items with the word "dragon" part of the name, snacks, new clothing items, new dragon pets, and even a bone dragon mount! Go here to learn more about that!

Isn't that NEAT?!

Jeez, KI, you're really giving us a run for our money... literally.

Well, that's all from me for now. I'll be trying to win more snacks through the free games.

See you in the spiral!
<3 Cassie

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Busy Busy Wizzy!

Hello everyone!

I have been a very busy wizard lately, which is why you haven't seen me much here or perhaps in game. If you have spotted me, it was probably because I was taking screenshots, decorating my house, farming, or taking a break at a party or two. There is something great going on behind the scenes at the moment, and I'm so proud and privileged to be part of it. You just wait, it's going to be a great step for the community! I've been very preoccupied with the project, working harder than I do during my college school year. (That's not a good thing, is it?)

So, while I work with some great people on a wonderful project, I'll leave you all to your blogs.

<3 Cassie