Saturday, June 25, 2011

After the Ravenwood Ball

The pictures I've included in this post are the outfits that my date, Kevin Battleblood, and I wore tonight at the ball. We changed outfits every 10 minutes before the ball even started, and then stayed in our original outfits until the PvP started for Kevin.

Look at this first one... We're each other! Isn't that cute? ^-^ He even copied me with the sword, which I thought was hilarious. We actually wear the same robe normally, which is also hilarious, because we never realized it before we really started hanging out. Teehee!

So as most of you know, I was the host for one of the many mini parties that went on around the Spiral tonight. From what I heard, some people didn't even have anyone show up, and I am very sorry to those people and those who ended parties early.

Mine, however, seemed to go on for EVER.

At 6:15 CST my date, Kevin Battleblood, and I headed over to my house for the start of the mini parties. I had my other Cassandra Hexthorn account as a port bus, running back and forth through Ravenwood, picking up every wizard I could find.

Through this party of mine, I met a BUNCH of nice wizards! I even opened my friend requests to those who stayed until the end. I gotta tell ya, we are SO LUCKY to have the community we do. I was very surprised at the turnout of my party. I didn't expect as many people as I got.

In this picture to the right, we're in the Beastmaster Gear with wildclaw pets. It looks like we took each other's wildclaw! Heh heh

And thank you to all those who said something nice about my house. It took a LONG time to make it perfect, and a lot of hard work was put into it. Maybe some of you were inspired. I sure hope so! :)

Stormywiz actually asked to be trapped in the tiger pen! So funny! And lots of people liked my bird cage. I worked SO hard on that, and had a lot of help from Kevin because I'm still new at floating.

In this picture, we're wolves with fierce hounds to match! There's a purple scarecrow in the back behind me... but that's okay! I think we look really good, but that's just me.

Ravenwood was PACKED even before the ball started! We all played around with transformation potions, ran in circles, and just had a grand old time. I don't think I've ever had that much fun in this game! And I have all of YOU to thank for that!!!

In the last picture, we're ravens. You don't see our shadow phoenix pets, but we took them off so it wasn't so laggy. I think we look like our friend Autumn, don't you? A little tribute to her! :) I think I may keep this look for a future outfit... I really do love this robe. And Kevin looks dashing in blue, as always.

I met so many great new wizards tonight. We should be so grateful to have the community we do, and Fallon Shadowblade & DoaW are a HUGE part of what makes this game so great. A special thanks to her for making all of this possible and putting so much hard work into planning the contests, mini parties, and everything else in between. If you see her in game or on twitter or on DoaW, don't hesitate to thank her for everything she's done over the last 2 years.

Well, that's it for me... I'm just trying to fill out the space between these pictures so it flows correctly. Heh heh...

<3 Cassie


  1. Nice post Cassie :D It was such an amazing event and Fallon put her heart and soul into planing the event. Cya around :D
    -Blaze Shadowhorn

  2. Aww, you two are just too cute, together. And yes, I'll admit I did a "double-take" at the "Autumn" outfit, lol. Thank you, I'm honored.

    Gratz, and future success!

  3. (peace sign) :D You looked absolutely cute in the Battleblood signature outfit :) My favorite of all four.

    This community's just truly awesome in epic proportions. I'm fortunate that we have such a group that is so supportive and good-natured with one another. WINNING!