Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm the Backpack Loaded up with Things...

I really hope you all got the Dora the Explorer reference in my title. Being a 90s child, I watched Dora growing up, and you have no idea how excited I got when backpack and map would appear on the screen. Sigh, enough about my childhood...

This post is going to be about keeping your backpack free of extra items after farming and collecting many reagents, snacks, and treasure cards. This is going to basically be a list of the actions I take when I get a full backpack, so if you do some things differently, that's your prerogative. I am also including some things to do when you reach maximum gold. Once again, these are only the things that I and many others I know do. Don't think you HAVE to do any of these... they're just ideas. :)

What do I do when my backpack is full?

After a few hours of farming certain bosses, you'll end up with 120/120 filled slots in your backpack. This simply will not do! Of course you need room for MORE farming. C'mon... farming is a way of life! What I do is head over to the bazaar and start in my clothing section of my backpack. More often than not, the clothing you get from farming will not be as helpful as the clothing you have on, especially if you're a legendary that has completed the Water Works and crafted some of the WinterTusk gear.

I personally do not keep anything I get from farming, especially when it comes to clothing. Lately, my friends and I have been farming Halfang in Vestrilund, and he drops amulets that are 8k a piece, and they give a triage card. Pretty useless for me, so I sell them all, along with the robes, rings, athames, and boots I receive, as they're all at least 2,000 gold each. Halfang drops a TON of monstrous and tough treasure cards, none of which I keep. If you have alts that have not reached Celestia and do not have gargantuan or any of those spells, these TCs would be useful for questing. I don't keep them, and they just crowd my space.

Those are just examples of items I would definitely sell.

When it comes to items you would like to keep on your wizard, you must pick and choose carefully so you have ample room for other items. On Cassie, I have my every-day farming outfit which just happens to be my PvP clothes, and an outfit with extra energy (the Dragon's Utility outfit), two rings and athames with varying stats for farming or PvP (if I choose to do so), many different decks so I don't have to keep switching up builds, and two or three pets of my choosing.

I sell all my items on Cassie so she always has max gold, but if you use alts just as often as your main wizard, you can put items in the shared bank to help them reach max gold as well!

What do I do when I reach max gold?

When I reach maximum gold, there are a bunch of things I do! First, I go treasure card swiping for maybe a half an hour or so. I swipe fireblades for Cassie, dragonblades and balance blades for farming and donating, and other blades, healing cards, and astral spells to give to friends to use in PvP. Helping friends is a good way to get rid of gold fast. Other items I swipe are pet snacks for my fire pets, furniture items I've been searching for, and reagents for crafting items for my Sultan's Palace. I'm currently working on gold place settings, which take 40 fossils each. Lame.

If I still have lots of gold, I go to the reagent vendor in CL and buy so I have 999 of all he has to offer. That will be helpful in the long run, especially if KI creates more craftable items in the future! I also buy spare mounts. I bought a lion and lioness for the inside of my palace, and will probably end up buying more to have roaming around, keeping watch.

The last thing I do is go back to the bazaar and swipe again! You never know what you'll find at different times of the day.

So there you have it... my tips for full backpacks and max gold. If you keep farming and selling and buying, you'll have many items to call your own.

Happy farming!
<3 Cassie

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