Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Grandmaster... and a few notes

As you can see above, I finally have another Grandmaster Wizard! Sestiva is the second member of the Hexthorn family to reach this important marker. I'm really glad she reached 50 before Dragonspyre ended, unlike Cassie, who got Grandmaster in Malistaire's dungeon. It's all thanks to that little extra experience points from Crab Alley, me thinks. When will Sestiva tackle Malistaire? Maybe this weekend. Perhaps Saturday.


Okay, I found this on Facebook the other day and scoffed. No game beats Wizard101! And sick of PvP matches? If you are, it's only because of the spammers and trolls. And that character doesn't look too family friendly........

In other unrelated news, I'll be gone from the Spiral, blogging, twitter, etc starting on July 17th until the 25th. I'm going on my annual camping trip with my cousin, aunt and uncle to New Hampshire. I will miss you, Spiral!

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  1. I've played EE, can't say it stayed long with me, (I currently have a dispute with Aeria), but from a marketing standpoint, it's a great sign of just how influential W101 has become! When other games compare how they're "better" than W101, it's actually saying "W101 is who we want to BE"