Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly -- Wysteria Updates

I'd like to start off with a disclaimer:
These are the opinions of Cassandra Hexthorn and Cassandra Hexthorn only.
If you disagree with something written here, please voice it, but don't bash or be rude.
These are my assessments of the new updates and how I feel about them.
Opinions are subject to change, however, right now this is how I feel.


New Housing Items!

All these new furniture items are great! I've wanted one of those wooden wells from MS for SO LONG.
Aren't those sunflowers the best?! I think they're so cute, and will look great in a garden/forest themed house.
With the chicken coop, you get a golden chicken and little golden chick! Also adorable. Makes me smile. :D
The bird bath has been something I've sought after ever since it showed up in the pet store in the pavilion.
The bird cages are also super fun! I just wish they were hanging from a pole or sitting on a table.
(That wooden bridge isn't from the recent update, but House-a-Palooza is also a really good thing!)

New Gear with Energy!

Pictured here is the Greenwarden's Energetic Shroud.
+315 max health, +18 max energy, +5 pips, +40 block and +6 defense -- lvl 60+, no auction.
The 18 energy makes it better for gardening than the Piggy suit, which only gives 10.
The hat gives the same amount as the Piggy hat, which is why I won't be hoping for that.
I would like the boots however, as they give 12 energy -- more than Piggy shoes' 8 energy.
This is helpful for both gardeners and pet trainers -- I'm glad to be both in this case.
With the whole outfit, you get 112 energy. Add the Wintertusk Ring of Valor? 116 energy.
And with the Garnet Bear Claw? That's a max of 118 energy!! Wowsers, that's a lot of yellow goop!

Wysteria, Pigswick Academy and the Spiral Cup!

Wysteria is for wizards of level 25+. Being level 60, I can't get the experience, but that's okay.
At first, I was going to put this under "The Bad," but the more I thought about it, this is a good thing.
Even though us level 60 wizards cannot benefit much from this world at the moment, there are lots of good things.
1) Another training point: Zeke is here again with another task for us -- finding Wallflowers! (I thought it was clever)
2) Introducing other new worlds: Only in text, but two of the competitors in the Spiral Cup mention different worlds!
Also, one of the shop keepers hints at yet another world through a quest to gather items. Go check them out!
Who knows if we'll actually ever see these worlds they speak of? It's fun to theorycraft in the meantime. :)
3) The Tower of the Helephant: This tower is for wizards level 60+ and is located in Pegasus Place.
I have not yet run this tower, but I know there's a nice piece of 60+ jewelry waiting for me at the end!
So you see? Wysteria isn't all that bad! Playing with low levels can be irritating sometimes, but hey, it's fun!


The New Teleporters.

I know what you're thinking -- "What? The teleporters aren't bad! Take it back! Take it back!"
It's not that I think the teleporters are BAD really... but the way KI made them is what I don't like.
These are not movable --  you can't put in the shared bank for other characters to use.
In other words, if you want them on all characters, you have to either buy them or craft on each character.
Sorry, I'm not getting to GMA on any other wiz right now. Or paying lots of crowns for them. Meh.
Also, when you place the destination for the teleporter and then set the teleporter down, if you decide you want
to move the teleporter to another house, you have to reset the destination... which is sort of a hassle in my opinion.
I do like how they allow you to make your dorm a home base and have teleporters branch out to all houses.
I did that earlier -- I connected my dorm to my Sultan's Palace lamp, my MFP garden, and my storybook house.
I'm excited to see what people do with these for PvP parties and mazes and such!!!

The Wyvern's Hoard Pack

For most of you, this pack may be a bit of a blessing. For me -- well, it's not exactly that.
Sure, you can receive teleporters, new furniture, gear, mounts, and other various items, BUT...
Unfortunately, like the Dragon's Hoard Pack, the rare items rarely pop up. See what I did there?
Honestly, the only thing I really received from these packs were trees and bushes I already owned.
I did get two pair of boots, the gardening robe, a cool wand (see above), and furniture I've been waiting for,
but this was only after being gifted and spending most of the 9500 crowns I had on my account. Humph.
KI, why put crafted items in the WHP? The aquarium? A sideways palm tree? The bamboo fountain?
And why do these items have to be from Celestia? With the DHP, I can understand going back to DS,
but why on EARTH return to CL, especially when you have Wysteria all fresh and new for us to experience?
I'm lucky to have such great friends. I received both the staff above and a golden wyvern mount from gifted packs.
If I were you, I would snipe some of these great items off the bazaar. You can find most of them there.
And please, if you're trying for one of the 5 wyvern mounts, use caution when buying crowns.
Don't let KI drain you dry like they're attempting. Be strong. It's gambling -- an addiction. Don't feed it.


The New Pet Page(s).

When I viewed the new pet pages,  my first thought was, "Oh what did they do?!"
This is what the left side of the new pet page looks like. Two different tabs to view the stats.
There's a lot of space around the talent names... it really just looks messy to me.
Unless you make all the talents named something long enough to fit in the box, it looks dumb.
In order to view the derby talents, you click on the "Derby" box below the pet card spot.
Then you click the "Talents" option to go back to viewing the regular talents. Awkward, right?
And they haven't even fixed the 'dots' glitch yet -- where the rarity dots are not the correct number.
Why make such a big change and leave out that one detail people have complained about for so long?
Because of the page change, Petnome will now have to figure out what to do with new pets and talents.
Will they stick with the old layout and just edit the pics down themselves when they're new talents?
Will they go and change the whole thing? I'm guessing the first one. The latter is a little to much work.
KI, why can't we just stick with the old layout? It makes life so much easier! No useless clicking... sigh

No Houses like on Test Realm?

Alright, KI, what gives?!
Although Cassie has no room for more houses and probably will not buy another,
KI gave us a teaser of two brand new houses on Test Realm, both of which are super cool.
Many people were excited to see new housing -- Calypso's ship was a much sought-after feature.
With the updates, KI decided to keep the housing out of the Spiral... but... I don't get why...
Maybe there were some more things KI wanted to do with them and just wanted us to try what they had?
I'm sure wizards would love to see the new houses out soon! All this waiting makes us wizzies impatient.


  1. I agree on the last three items especially. We didn't need an updated pet page, more hoard 'Gambling' packs, and everyone was super excited for the new houses.

    IMO, they probably found they needed to work a little more on them to make them even having more room to place items?

    Wish I had crowns for Wisteria... :( Have fun all!

  2. Haha I definitely AGREE there Cass, great points. I wish Teleporters were transferable too.

  3. Well, the reason you can't put them in the shared bank is because it would allow you to go between houses on different characters, which would create a little bit of a paradox. I feel like it wouldn't be terribly difficult for KI to fix that, though.

    Good points!