Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Storybook Castle

Hey, everyone! I finished another themed house yesterday and that is going to be the subject of this post.
Just a step through the blue portal and you will be whisked away to a land of magical beings.

After a few moments, you begin to feel yourself slowing down. Brown, red, and blue begin to materialize around you. Stone flooring rises up to your feet and you stagger as you finally touch down.

You are greeted by a little myth elf. "Hello and welcome to the Wizard101 Storybook House!" In awe, you stare at the crackling fire, the many books and trophies that reside around the room, and the strangely-placed fountain in the corner. "How--how did I get here?" you ask yourself. As though she read your mind, the little elf claps happily and jumps around the room. "You've arrived at the Storybook House! This is the library. After you exit this room, you will enter a land of magical creatures. Please do not harm the flora or fauna -- we're trying to preserve one of the last locations in the Spiral that has been overtaken by creatures and plants. Enjoy your stay!"

Although it looks very cozy in this room, you know there is more to witness outside the walls of the library. Smiling at the little blue birds in cages next to the comfy chairs, you turn around and are struck with a glorious site outside the door.

"Wow!" you exclaim, stepping off the stone flooring and onto the soft green grass. Clear blue water rushes through a fountain in front of a tiny house in the mountains. The sky is clear blue, give or take a few clouds, and the air is warm, despite being a few thousand feet up. In the distance, you spot platforms rising further into the sky, but they are a good ways past the closest mountains. Curious, you approach the small house.

There are pink and blue gardens in full bloom in front of the house. You knock on the door and say, "Hello? Is there anyone home?" A small giggle and faint music plays, but no one answers. You shrug and continue to descend the mountains.

More little houses! The cloud cover makes this area a little colder and much darker. Lamps on trees light up the front entryways of the other houses scattered through the landscape. You hear more giggling and what sounds to be faint string instruments playing. Wandering a bit further, you finally discover the source of the laughter and music.

It's an imp colony! You smile and laugh along with the imps as they float around playing their song. You notice the platforms rising up to the sky on the other end of the room. Curiously, you creep up the steps.

You find a pair of beetles living on the first level of the platforms. They approach you and stare up at your face with wondering eyes. Cautiously, you squat down and pat the little blue beetle on the head. It makes a sound reminiscent of a cat's purring and spins around happily. The purple beetle blends in with the beautiful, small field of purple flowers and you squeal as it sneaks up on you from behind. You give it a pat on the head as well and make your way up to the top platform. What you find throws you into terror.

A yellow wyvern! You don't dare leave the shade of the elm tree in fear of being discovered. For a moment, you feel the eyes of the wyvern on you, and you stand perfectly still. You're not exactly sure what this great beast is capable of.

Luckily, it turns its back on you and you slowly make your way back down the stairs and out the front door of the house.

The outside is as, if not more, miraculous than the inside. Patches of colorful flowers grow out of the lush, green grass. A fountain with crystal clear blue water stands proudly in the center of the path. You dip your hands in the pool and are amazed at how fresh and cold the water feels.

Over to the left, you spot a bridge. After crossing, you notice the lush meadow has disappeared and is replaced with a few dead trees. You hear more giggles, which are more like cackling this time, and you spot blurs of purple and pink whizzing around your head. Dark fairies have killed this area of the land. In order to keep them from destroying the rest of the greenery, the other creatures banished them to this area of the castle, and put an enchantment on the bridge so they can not cross. You brush the fairies away from your head and cross the bridge again.

To the left, you see a small path almost hidden by a large, green tree. It leads down to what looks like a beach.

You find cyclops and trolls living here! They seem to really love the hot sand, running back and forth, playing with one another. 

On the other side of the forest, fountains stick out of the side of a building, as though the building was constructed around them. A stone bench and stool are here to let you rest. You take a seat and stare out at the house and the rest of the forest. A little bird lands on the birdbath between the fountains and you hear some rustling in the trees ahead of you. You stand up and move down the hill to spy...

... a unicorn colony! Many different types of unicorns roam the meadows here. In the distance you spot the mother unicorn taking shelter under a tall tree. The small unicorns run up to you, happy to see someone else here in the meadow. You play with them for a while, watching them gallop through the colorful flowers, before heading behind the castle.

Here you find a small fairy and pixie colony. A small orange fairy flies over to you and floats next to your shoulder. You smile and it buzzes around your head. The other fairies seem to keep their distance. You think it would be best to leave them be, so you head back over to the front of the castle and up to the large building you spotted before.

It is blocked off by a rope barrier. Trees have grown up into the building, almost making a statement that it should not be in the middle of the forest. You smile, thinking how great it is to have a place like this in the middle of the chaos of today.

I hope you all enjoyed my little story! If you'd ever like to actually visit the house, let me know in game!
<3 Cassie

Saturday, September 3, 2011

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Posting from my phone! Let's see how this goes...
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