Meet the Characters!

The Hexthorn Family:
Meet Cassandra, Sestiva, Jasmine, Colin, and Alyssa!

As most of you know, I play Cassie 99.9999% of the time. That is usually where you will see me when I am in the Spiral. I really enjoy playing on Cassie, as fire was my first wizard choice. No matter how many times I took the quiz, I got fire. I did Fire School Study Hall for Ravenwood Radio along with my friend Ronan Dawn, which you can find here.

Through playing Sestiva, I have found a new love/hate relationship with the Balance School. It's pretty hard to quest on your own, as your hand comes up mostly blades or donates, which you would never think of using on yourself. Originally created to quest alongside her friend Noah Mythglen, she is currently in the Crystal Grove in DS, questing her way to Malistare alongside an alt of KBBs.

Jasmine is an up-and-coming death wizard that I really enjoy playing. There's something about the death school that is just fantastic. I just completed Crab Alley with a friend. She is currently on her way to Krokatopia.

I haven't played Colin enough to really know what I think about storm. All I know so far is that he fizzles more than I've ever witnessed before in this game. I knew there was a reason I disliked baby storm and fire wizards... He is still in Triton Avenue.

Alyssa is my newest wizard! I was inspired to make an ice and I have a feeling she will be fun to play. She is currently just out of Unicorn Way. I can't wait to continue questing her.